Our belief is God makes us stronger when we server others. As a result God has lead us on several mission trips across our own country. Our first cross country mission trip was actually across the ocean to Molokai, Hawaii. We went there to lead in their VBS program. We paid for the supplies and taught the classes. During this time we also did several manual labor projects. Our next mission trip took us to Webster, South Dakota. Again we did and paid for their VBS, conducted a block party, and built a handicap ramp for their church building. From there God took us to Thompson Falls, Montana. Instead of VBS we did three back yard Bible clubs and lead their worship service. We also did more manual labor projects.

Our last four mission trips have been within the state of California. We took three trips to Jenness Park. Our first trip was to demolish some buildings, build some restrooms, and about thirteen other projects. The last two trips have been to serve as camp staff serving the Hispanic woman’s camp. This lasted two weeks with about nine hundred women. Our other California mission trip was to Idyllwild, where California Baptist University owns a campground. We went there to tear a roof off a building and a build a new roof. God wants us to make a difference everywhere we can.